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 Hietzinger Hauptstrasse 10, 1130 Wien
 +43 (0) 1 8778372
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  • 110 short or long-term parking places

  • NEW: 2 charging stations á 11kw

  • Service for long-term parking (vehicle movement,
    Battery check, transfer to the service …)

  • solicited exclusive hand car wash
    (Appointments  under +43 (0) 1 8778372)

  • specialized staff

  • video surveillance

Parking fee € 4,50 per hour

e-charging 0,12 € per
chargingminute (incl. Tax)



Short parking – Long-term parking – vehicle support

Our offer:

  • 110 parking spaces for short term parking or long term parking
  • Vehicle Support for long-term parking: checking the battery, regular movement of the vehicle, delivery to service, …
  • Car wash
  • Disabled Parking
  • Women’s parking
  • Lift
  • Motorcycle Parking
  • Staff on site
  • Video Surveillance

Price is € 4,50 per hour or part thereof

Daily maximum: € 40.-

Journal fee Cost: € 100.-

Ticket Loss Cost: € 100.-

Tariffs on cars valid

Payment Methods

cash payment
Credit cards (MasterCard, VISA, Diners Club)
Debit card (Maestro)

Transportation connection

Subway (U4)
Station: Hietzing




Outside cleaning:
Hand wash, clean door folds, rim cleaning, stropping, glass cleaning outside, tire care
from € 40,-
Rim cleaning special:
Rims are treated with acid-free special cleaner, even excessive permanent impurities are removed. Ideal for glossy or polished rims.
from € 25,-
Insects, tar and tree sap removal:
By means of special cleaners are the most stubborn contaminants removed.
from € 30,-
Engine cleansing:
from € 30,-
Underbody wash:
from € 25,-
Hand polish with carnauba wax special. Causes a prolonged protection against environmental influences and gives your car radiant shine.
from € 115,-
Interior cleaning:
Total upholstery sucking, Foot and trunk suck, clean dashboard, center console, door panels, side shelves, bins, glove compartment; Plastics and floor mats are cleaned. Complete window cleaning.
from € 50,-
Interior wet cleaning:
Interior cleaning and exterior cleaning incl. Stain removal by powerful spray extraction and slight odor removal
from € 125,-
Leather care:
Leather upholstery and all leather parts in the vehicle are thoroughly cleaned and treated with care agents.
from € 60,-
Ozone treatment:
Vile and stubborn odors are cleaved by ozone gas (O), a positive side effect: the entire interior is thereby disinfected (and entire ventilation system). ldeal after interior cleaning, especially with animal hair.
from € 70,-

car maintenance samples

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